Das Präsidium der ÖGMw hat anlässlich der jüngsten besorgniserregenden Ereignisse rund um die Förderrichtlinien des Jubiläumsfonds der Österreichischen Nationalbank beschlossen, eine vom Verband der Wissenschaftlichen Gesellschaften Österreichs initiierte Protestnote zu unterstützen. Das Schreiben wurde den Repräsentanten der Österreichischen Nationalbank per Email persönlich zugestellt sowie Mittwoch 13.11.2019 am Nachmittag in der Online Version der PRESSE veröffentlicht.

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Ab 2019 werden Ladungen und Protokolle der Generalversammlungen sowie die Informationen zur Entrichtung der Mitgliedsbeiträge per E-Mail versandt. Bitte überprüfen Sie, ob Sie der ÖGMw Ihre aktuelle E-Mail-Adresse bekannt gegeben haben!


Best Paper Award 2020

The Austrian Musicological Society (Österreichische Gesellschaft für Musikwis­sen­schaft) is awarding a prize for the best academic paper on the broad topic of music and musical culture in or from Austria. Researchers from all musico­logical fields and related disciplines are encouraged to participate. We welcome all methodological perspectives on music, musicians, and musical culture asso­ci­ated with Austria in a broad sense.

The unpublished article should not exceed a length of 10,000 words and must be submitted in English or German. The evaluation of submissions will be con­duct­ed by a jury composed of the board of directors of the Austrian Musicolog­ical Society and the award-winning paper will be published as an English-language open-access article in Musicologica Austriaca, free of charge. Papers that make use of the possibilities of multimedia (e.g. image, audio, and video files) are particularly encouraged. Any copyright issues should be clarified by the author, but this can also be done subsequent to receiving the award.

Please submit your article as MS Word file to oegmw@musau.org by August 1, 2020. As the text will be reviewed anonymously, it must not contain any indica­tion as to the author’s identity.

The winner will receive a 1000€ prize that will be awarded at the 2020 business meeting of the Austrian Musicological Society as part of its annual conference.

If you have any further questions about the award or Musicologica Austriaca in gen­eral, please feel free to contact the editors of the journal, Dr. Alexander Wilfing and Vasiliki Papadopoulou, PhD:



Further information:



Style sheet (Chicago Manual of Style, Notes-Bibliography-Style; an indipendent bib­li­og­raphy is not required):