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“A Nomad of Sound”: The Austrian-Born Composer, Interpreter, and Performer Pia Palme

This paper is an introductory study of the works by the Viennese-born composer Pia Palme, who characterised the community of Austrian female artists as a productive and particularly innovative one. Palme herself is part of this productive and lively scene, but her role in it is twofold, for she is...
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Multivalent Form in Gustav Mahlerʼs Lied von der Erde from the Perspective of Its Performance History

The challenge of reconstructing Gustav Mahlerʼs aesthetics and style of performance, which incorporated expressive and structuralist principles, as well as problematic implications of a post-Mahlerian structuralist performance style (most prominently developed by the Schoenberg School) are taken in this article as the background for a discussion of the performance history...
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